Behaviour of modern Digital Consumer

You no longer know your consumers. You think you do, but you don’t. You’ve been left in the dust. All of the research and data collections you’ve done over the past several years doesn’t begin to paint a picture of the modern consumer.

The truth is: the consumer is evolving much faster than you are. Today’s world is one in which technology and free information flow enable the consumer to always stay several steps ahead of the large organizations seeking to sell their products and services. By failing to act swiftly, companies are only driving nails into their own digital coffins.

We are in a different world today. It’s fortunate for us marketer sometimes, but consumers these days actually know things. In fact, they know a lot.

Google connects potential customers with countless third-party opinions, articles, and reviews from around the web. Communications between customers, as well as customer interaction and sentiment, including what our personal acquaintances think, are freely available on Facebook.

Consumers these days have an incredible amount of information at their fingertips, both at home and on the go via their mobile phones. Brand information, history, and statistics can be obtained at any time. The modern consumer is Confident. He has all the information he’ll ever need to make good decisions, and he knows it.

At the critical moment of buying decision, the consumer may visit from her laptop at home or her mobile device. She may access social sentiment from her peers on Facebook and Twitter. She may look at real-time pricing information at local stores and the web, or access available coupons for this particular product type. She may also run a search that reveals the latest news about your product or product category, or recent reviews posted by purchasers. At this critical moment, she may even be recommended similar or better-rated products by an eRetailer or mobile shopping app. All of your digital properties, paid, owned, and earned, as well as those of your peers, are fair game at a critical moment.

Search Engines, news, posts, tweets, pricing, coupons, reviews, product releases, and viral media- all accessible in 60 seconds or less- can impact the consumer’s decision to remain loyal to your brand or ditch it for something else. For this reason, it is absolutely crucial that brands have their digital ducks in a row to be prepared for the critical moment, else these otherwise loyal consumers will be swayed by the plethora of real-time information at their fingertips.

In the modern digital consumer era, the brand images are no longer something marketers create: It’s something marketers seed, media channels fertilize, and consumers themselves grow.

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