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We at MaxLeads, are one of the successful agencies in the digital advertising space. MaxLeads has served a lot of businesses across the globe. Customers come to us because they know that we can deliver the results even within a shoestring budget by executing well targeted and thought out campaigns.
Pay-per-click advertising comes first in the list when it comes to lead generation. You do not have to wait for your website to rank high with SEO or build authority with link building. PPC ads can be run within days from your launch. MaxLeads has helped a variety of businesses of different sizes, verticals and with different business needs to reach their targets within a limited budget. Our PPC clients range from local shops to multinational enterprises across the globe.

What to expect from us?

Here are a few things you can expect from our PPC Management Services
  • You get the right set of keywords handpicked by our PPC experts that suits your needs.
  • We do the creative work for you. Be it ad copies for text and banner ads or visual design of your banners.
  • We create/optimize your landing pages to suit your needs.
  • Save more from our tried-and-tested bid management strategy.
  • We do the monitoring of your campaign outcomes and provide you with regular reports to track the progress made.

PPC Services

Targeted Keyword Suggestions

Keywords are the key to the success of PPC campaigns. At MaxLeads, we do extensive keyword research to identify those keywords that can get you the right set of leads and that too within your budget constraints. We look for keywords in the right place but with attention to the details. Thus you get the right set of keywords that you would have not even thought off otherwise.

PPC Ad Copywriting

What you tell your audience is what drives your click-through rates. Which means your ad copies should be interesting enough to gather the attention of your audience. But on the other hand, your ad copies should also be keyword rich to provide a better quality score to your ads. Our copywriters at MaxLeads know the trick of maintaining a balance between keyword richness and creativity.

Intelligent Bid Management

Even if you have everything right, but your bids are not optimized for the time, schedule or geography, it will be a wasted investment. With years of experience, we have come up with a bidding strategy that explores the possibilities of changing the bids according to the targeted region, time and the demographics of the audience. In some cases, we even optimize the bid according to the competition for the keywords.

A PPC Service Agency With a Difference

Every successful PPC campaign has taught us one valuable lesson. That is about the importance of money and time in Pay-Per-Click advertising. Campaigns fail when we do not get this right.

You cannot get back time after you have failed. Same is true for money. Now the questions are – Do you want to risk by going for a mediocre team that deals PPC campaign management as an operational task?. Do you have the time to learn all the tricks and hacks we have learned in the past?

Every successful PPC agency knows the importance of using the right brain and the left brain in managing advertising. Because advertising is both an art and a science. These agencies know how to

  • Find keywords that are not otherwise obvious thus improving their chances of success.
  • To balance the game of money and time while keeping risk at check.
  • Balance between creative ad copywriting and keyword rich writing for improved quality scores.
  • Put a process in place to bid, monitor and adjust the campaign settings based on the out


More Visitors! More Prospects!  More Buyers!

Get more visitors, gain more sales and get more revenue. 

Take a leap!. We have made PPC campaigns risk averse by setting up a process for daily budgeting and monitoring. Our experts manage your spends while keeping the cost per acquisition within check.

Our portfolio of satisfied clients and our long history of managing successful Pay-Per-Click campaigns say it all.

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