Business Survival in the Digital Era!

The world will never be the same again, and neither will the Marketing and advertising strategy.

What marketing strategies do you follow for increasing your customer base?

Push Marketing (outbound) or Pull marketing (inbound)?

Here a simple jargon-free example of the difference between Push and Pull Marketing.

Push Marketing: When you are watching your favorite program in the television and all of a sudden advertisement comes up and interrupts you or if you are in an important meeting and someone reaches you over the phone asking for a personal loan, it is considered as stealing your attention.

Hold on! Stealing attention? How can you say the aggressive sales and marketing tactics as stealing the attention?

Ok, let me ask you a question. Do you think your time is precious? If yes, the customers will also think the same. Can you give me a word for this scenario, when someone takes something from you, that you value (like your time) without your permission and gives you nothing in return? It’s called stealing!

Is your company following the push marketing strategies?

Let’s look at what the Pull Marketing is: If your potential customer need’s something and they come to you and ask for your product are services with a strategized marketing plan that is earning attention is known as pull marketing.

That sounds interesting, but how to do that?

Strong visibility and positioning allow you to attract potential clients. Taking this one step further, the strategy for business success is focused, enhanced visibility in the right markets at the right time.

First of all to understand where your business stands in the online crowd, search for the service or product relevant keywords related to your business in the Search Engine, if you find your business website on the first page of the search engine you are in the survival stage.

If you find only your competitor’s business website on the first page of search engines (google) then you got an online visibility problem that needs to be fixed as the top priority of your marketing strategy with the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Today it has become obvious that Marketing is entering a new era. An era where creativity is no longer the key to success. To succeed in our over-communicated society, a company must create visibility and position in the prospect’s mind. Marketing is entering an era where strategy is king. In the positioning era, it’s not enough to invent or discover something. It may not even be necessary.

You must, however, be first to get into the prospect’s mind by increasing visibility and with the proper SEO strategy your business can achieve that position and reach the potential customer at the right time.

Reach me if you need any advice on Business Survival Strategy planning.

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