Importance of Strategy and Tactics for Marketing Success

The strategy is the complete planning which you do before the tactics. Imagine, if you have bought a land and want to construct a house. Would you just order the cement, sand, and pile of bricks? Obviously not. You would end up with a big mess, and it’s not safe too.

What do you do instead?

You hire an architect and a builder first and they will plan everything and execute like getting building approvals, soil testing down to what kinds of fittings for plumbing and electricity. All of this is planned prior until the keys are handed over to you.

Once you have your Strategy, you know how many cement bags, bricks you need. Where the foundation goes and now you can hire the bricklayer, plumber, carpenter, electricians, etc. That’s tactics.

Without both strategy and tactics, you can’t do anything successfully.

Strategy without tactics always leads to paralysis by analysis. Even if you hire a world’s best builder and architect, the house isn’t going to get built until someone lays the starts laying the foundation and the bricks.

Tactics without strategy mostly lead to SOS “Shiny Object Syndrome.” Imagine if you started the construction by building up the wall without a proper plan and later found that it was in the wrong location and started pouring the foundation and later identified that it’s not fit for the triple story building. Without a proper strategy, it’s not going to work.

Yet this is how exactly many entrepreneurs do marketing. They go with some random tactics in the hope that what they are doing will get them, customers. They create a website without a proper strategy, and it ends up being an online version of their brochure or they simply start promoting on social media because they heard that the latest thing and it would work better and so on.

To be successful you need both strategy and tactics and the strategy must always come first and it should dictate the tactics you use. This is where the marketing plan comes in.

Tactics without a proper strategy will mostly lead to failure.

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