Talend helps you get up and running fast with a full range of robust, open source integration software tools for free download. Begin developing today with a drag-and-drop interface, native code generation, a rich library of connectors, and a thriving user community.

Increase your productivity and speed time to deployment using a graphical UI and hundreds of pre-built components and connectors that generate native code without hand coding. Shift to any integration style using Talend Open Studio with 100% free downloads for batch ETL, big data, real-time, ESB, data profiling, and data assessment.

Who should attend?

  • Anybody looking for better career opportunities in Talend.
  • ETL Engineers
  • BigData Engineers
  • Data warehousing professionals
  • Business Intelligence consultants
  • Data Architects
  • Database Developers/Admin

What will be covered?

Talend Introduction
Working with ETL
Rise of Big Data
Role of Open Source ETL Technologies in Big Data
Comparison with other market leader tools in ETL domain
Importance of Talend (Why Talend)
Talend and its Products
Introduction of Talend Open Studio
TOS for Data Integration
GUI of TOS with Demo

Working with Talend Open Studio for DI

Metadata management
Launching Talend Studio
Working with different workspace directories
Working with projects
Creating and executing jobs
Connection types and triggers
Most frequently used Talend components [tJava, tLogRow, tMap]
Read & Write Various Types of Source/Target Systems
Working with files [CSV, XLS]
Working with databases [MySQL DB]

Basic Transformations in Talend

Context Variables
Using Talend components
Accessing job level/ component level information within the job
SubJob (using tRunJob, tPreJob, tPostJob)
4 Days – 8 Hours/day

Advance Transformations and Executing Jobs remotely in Talend

Various components of file management (like tFileList, tFileAchive, tFileTouch, tFileDelete)
Error Handling [tWarn, tDie]
Type Casting (convert datatypes among source-target platforms)
Looping components (like tLoop, tForeach)
Using FTP components (like tFTPFileList, tFTPFileExists, tFTPGet, tFTPPut)
Exporting and Importing Talend jobs
How to schedule and run Talend DI jobs externally (using Command line)
Parameterizing a Talend job from command line

Big Data and Hadoop with Talend

Big Data and Hadoop
Benefits of using Talend with Big Data
Integration of Talend with Big Data
HDFS commands Vs Talend HDFS utility
Big Data setup using Cloudera Sandbox in your personal computer
Explaining the TOS for Big Data Environment

Hive in Talend

Hive and It’s Architecture
Connecting to Hive Shell
Set connection to Hive database using Talend
Create Hive Managed and external tables through Talend
Load and Process Hive data using Talend
Transform data from Hive using Talend

Karthikeyan Jaganathan,

.Mr.Karthikeyan Jaganathan got 8+ years of experience as Business Intelligence & Analytics consultant who served as key architect in deriving BI solutions for various projects such as Social Media Analytics project where in successfully built a pilot Data Warehouse/BI Application for a large Entertainment client in Palo Alto, California, USA. He had implemented a cutting edge BI solution with robust, scalable and completely reusable design for a Bigdata Analytics platform which executes on Banking Recommendation engine system. A Microsoft Certified SQL expert and a Certified BI Engineer.

His area of expertise is in Business Intelligence, Analytics (R Programming, Excel, and SQL), BigData (HDFS, Hive, Impala, SQOOP and Spark), Data Integration (Talend, SSIS) & Data reporting (Tableau, Power BI) tools and building reusable and highly configurable automation frameworks.

Karthikeyan holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering from Anna University (India).