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Search Engine Optimization Process

Before starting a search engine optimization (SEO) project, it is important to understand the search engine optimization process methodology. So we break the process down into the six steps and each step describes the effective activities. These SEO process will deliver new traffic, leads, clients, revenue, and growth.

  1. Research
  2. Reporting & Goal Setting
  3. Content Building
  4. Page Optimization
  5. Social & Link Building
  6. Follow Up Reporting & Analysis

Search engine optimization is a long process, it is not a project.

In order to have ongoing success, the magic trick is to monitor results and build meaningful content on a continual basis.


Keyword Research

Keywords are the words and phrases that will be used in optimization. They’re also called as search queries. This step is critical and requires a lot of time to find a good set of phrases. The keyword phrases which includes the combination of two important factors: high usage by searchers and relatively low competition within the search engines.

Keyword research is the only way to figure out what people are searching in search engines. While choosing the keywords keep these questions in your mind which will help you pick your battles wisely.

  • How hard is it to rank for the desired keyword?
  • How much traffic am I likely to get if I rank for this keyword?
  • What kind of content should I write to rank for this keyword?
  • Are people searching for this keyword likely to become my customers?

Reporting & Goal Setting

After establishing your targeted keyword phrases it is essential to understand what the subject site’s starting position is within the search engine tools.  Doing so ensures that you know the particular fields that need work and gives a baseline against which to gauge the subsequent campaign’s success.

Access to site traffic data is very important. These statistics show how search engine users are finding and collaborating with the subject site, e.g., which search engines, what keyword phrases are being utilized, bounce rates, most popular content, etc. Understanding the webpage’s traffic level and the source of its referrals can also be a critical tool in making other online promoting decisions.

After developing a complete picture of the site’s starting position, objectives are set for the SEO plan. These objectives are measurable and attached to the specific business goals of the site. In the ongoing progress of reporting and follow up, progress towards the objectives is  analyzed and reported.

Content Building

“Content is king” in the world of SEO. Unique high-quality content relevant to your business is essential for good ranking in search engines like Google. Usually, search engines love text, high-quality content.

A variety of factors influence the ranking.

First, a site loaded with high-quality content of interest to site users will give them a reason to remain and a valid reason to visit the site again. After all, the main reason that the site users came to your site was to find information. Second, you will get the added benefit of serving up exactly what the search engines need – content. Search engines will have more data to store about your business and products; that data will translate directly into the ranking they give your website for related keyword phrases.

Only with high-quality relevant content contributes significantly to the success of the ranking of a website be optimized.

Page Optimization

Page Titles

Make sure that your website’s page titles state something other than just your company name or “welcome.” Ideally, they need to lead off with your targeted keyword phrase for that page and then follow with your company name.

The Prominence of Targeted Keyword Phrases

It is not sufficient to have your keyword phrase(s) somewhere on the website page, the placement and prominence were given to them also influences your search engine placement. For example, leading off the site’s first section with your keyword phrase gives it more weight than covering it halfway down the page in a passage. Also, using larger font sizes and bolding the content can emphasize its importance and positively affect the web page’s ranking for the targeted keyword phrase.

Site Map

Building up a site map that includes a well-organized list of links to all the important pages of your site and includes a text link to the site map on your home page is the perfect method to ensure that all the site’s pages are indexed by the search engines when they visit the subject site. Google Webmaster is ideal for this purpose.

ALT and META data

These are tags not seen by the website’s users; they are embedded in the website’s code. ALT tags refer to the content that describes an image – words that you see pop up as you mouse over certain images. In optimizing your company’s name, an ALT tag set behind the image of your company’s logo is ideal. Meta tags are lines of code included in the uppermost section of your website’s code. They convey the page’s subject matter and relevancy to the search engines. Further, the short description of your website included in some search engine results is picked from the meta description tag of the home page and therefore, be utilized to the website’s favourable position.

Technical SEO

There are various technical issues that impact SEO efforts that need to be verified and corrected if needed. Few common issues are site speed, site security, and mobile responsiveness.

Social & Link Building

Social Media

In the marketing sector, you fish where the fish are. And, the fish are using social media in huge numbers.  The intensity of online sharing through social media provides huge opportunities for companies willing to commit the time to use it. During this phase of the process, we assist clients to establish a social media presence and consult with the client on how best to utilize those social media profiles to share website content and connect with customers and potential customers. Also, we consult with our clients on how best to use Google My Business to increase visibility for local searches. We have specific SEO packages for your businesses.

Building In-Bound Links

Each new, quality link to your site improves the probability of both the search engines spiders running across your webpage as well as searchers looking for services or products like yours. The search engine views links to your site s votes for your site and rewards the site accordingly.  You can check your link popularity with free online tools. In addition, Google webmaster provides information regarding the inbound links to your site

Follow Up Reporting and Analysis

A similar reporting done in the initial phase of the campaign is done again at regular intervals. Rankings, site traffic levels, social signals and other key metrics can then be compared to pre-optimization levels, giving measurable outcomes to the SEO campaign.  The specific metrics used in an SEO plan will depend on the objectives of that site.

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