Is your business doing this Marketing Mistakes?

Making mistakes is part of the learning process. Diagnosing them is the first important step. Insanity has been described as continuing to do the same thing while desiring a different result. This is like running an advert week after week in your local publication that never provides a response or reaction and doing nothing about it, whilst at the same time hoping to get a result. There are many examples like this and we are probably all guilty of some of them.

Use the following 15 indicators to raise your own awareness of the mistakes you may be making:

1. No plan – hit-or-miss activities

2. Too busy doing business to consider how to develop business

3. Your marketing plan on a ‘post-it’ note or safely in your head

4. Not really knowing what works and what doesn’t to make informed decisions

5. Wasting money, time and effort repeating what doesn’t work

6. Poor decisions about what to invest in – believing the salesperson

7. Letting fear paralyze the taking of positive action

8. Overcomplicating marketing activities and messages

9. Working very hard but not getting results that match the effort

10. Making excuses – I haven’t got time to market my business

11. Thinking that marketing is complicated – and avoiding doing it

12. Relying on only one or two methods of generating business

13. Keeping poor records of important prospects and customers

14. Not really being able to explain why someone should buy from you

15. Hoping and praying that business will come to you – but not taking action

If you have mentally ticked ‘yes’ that is me in any of the above you are being honest with yourself. We have all been there. You learn by first getting some awareness of what is not working. It is only then that you can start to move forward.

If you own a business and you find that you are often too busy ‘working in the business’ to spend time ‘working on the business’ we can take time out and move things forward for you. Feel free to connect with us if you need a Marketing Audit to be done for your business.

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