The Only Sales Person which work 24/7 is your WEBSITE.

Your Website is equal to 4.5 sales person.

Do you want me to prove?

Let’s do a Math’s.

A sales person on an average work for 20 days and 8 hours a day. (20 x 8 = 160 hours)

Website is always thought the day, 24hours x 30 days = 720 hours

720 hours / 160 hours = 4.5 sales person


What’s the use of having a website if people can’t find you and reach you?

Digital Presence only won’t get you the business, you need to be Digitally Reachable also.

For which your website must be Optimized Search Engines to find you easily by your potential customers.


How frequently you use GOOGLE to look for informations?

If someone look for the service you provide or the products your sell.

Will they find you or your Competitor?

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